Baby Bump Dress

Maternity clothing…..I am now starting to show and the pants are starting to get a little tight!  To be honest maternity clothing has never been very fun for me to shop for.  I hate spending a lot of money on them because it is worn for a only a few months and then who knows if by the next time I’m still going to think it’s cute?  So, I guess you could say,  that when I like to buy them, I like to buy them cheap.  I have heard of renting clothes while pregnant, which sounded genius,  but the problem for me is I am not your average girl and size, and average size clothing doesn’t always look right on me so I’m not sure if it would work.  Has anyone tried that and had good luck with it?  Anyway, I found this gem of a dress at H&M.  This store is  right across the street from me, and pretty dang affordable, so it was my first go to when looking for something that would be comfortable and cute with my belly starting to poke thru.   My jacket is an oldie but goodie from Express and so is the necklace, and my cat eye sunglasses are from Charming Charley.  So excited for the weather to start warming up and all the spring fashion coming up! I have had the winter blues and am so excited for some sunshine and warmth!  Thanks so much for reading!PicsArt_02-16-08.52.41








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