Blue Maxi Dress From Stitch Fix

I am 31 weeks pregnant and the count down is on!  Nine weeks until my baby is here, and this week I started to freak out a little bit thinking about everything I still have to do….but it’s ok! We’ve been busy working on redoing some things around the house and yard, and it is almost done!  For now anyway.  Now I just need to go shopping for some baby item’s that I threw away after my last one because we were moving and I was trying to declutter my life…but now I need them, haha.  How it goes sometimes.

Once I hit the 3rd trimester in my pregnancies, I feel like I get big really fast, because it takes six months for the baby to develop and get to just over a pound, to putting on 8 more pounds in just the last three months because all my babies have been pretty big and a little over nine pounds.  I kind of avoid maternity clothes up until this point, but everything is now really uncomfortable and I finally went down stairs the other day and dug out any old maternity clothes I had.  There were only a few items that didn’t look so frumpy, so I got online onto my stitch fix profile and changed it to maternity, and decided I’d let them surprise me with something!  I’ve had good luck with them in the past, and was pleasantly surprised with this dress.  I don’t get their packages that often, because I usually know what I want, but sometimes it’s really fun to be surprised with something every now and then with something someone else picked for you.

The dress is pretty comfortable and can be changed to dress up or down, and my favorite thing about it was the fit around the bust where it accentuates the one place I don’t mind gaining weight, lol.  Hope you all are having a great weekend, and If you want to try them out, here is the link:


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