Boudoir Photo Shoot

Boudoir….The word is French for women’s bedroom or private room and if you’ve seen boudoir photos before you can see why they call it that.  It’s an intimate photo shoot and something I probably wouldn’t have considered doing until I talked to Cecilia from Cecilia Harvard Photography.  She was amazing!  A photo shoot like this can be intimidating, especially if you have never done something like it before (like me), but she made it comfortable.  The night before the shoot I think I stared at boudoir photos for a while trying to figure out how I should pose, but I didn’t need to worry about it.  When I got there she was able to show me how to pose, what looked good, what didn’t, and made sure to accentuate the curves that I loved about myself, and even helped me pose the right way to get what I didn’t love so much look good.  It was empowering.  I think every women deserves to feel sexy and doing something like this did exactly that.  It is sometimes different to see yourself one way in the mirror than it is through the lens of a camera.  I personally did not know that I could look and feel as sexy as I did doing this photo shoot.  If you haven’t done it before I highly recommend it!  Whether it’s for you or someone else, its an empowering experience that made me feel even more confident in my own skin.



Photography by: Cecilia Harvard Photography

Hair by: Marquie Walton

Makeup by: Carissa Deppe

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