Boyfriend Flannel Shirt

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful time of year with all the magical Christmas lights and fun gatherings going on for the holiday!  I always love winter around this time of year because the snow at Christmas time always seems so magical.  We are soaking it all up! I love a cute comfy flannel […]

Oversized Turtle Neck Sweater

It is getting cold outside! So much so that when I step outside in the morning it takes my breathe away.  My favorite thing about winter is being able to wear big comfy sweaters like this oversized one.  With the snow outside some days I just want to stay in a warm blanket or hoody, […]

Baby Bump Dress

Maternity clothing…..I am now starting to show and the pants are starting to get a little tight!  To be honest maternity clothing has never been very fun for me to shop for.  I hate spending a lot of money on them because it is worn for a only a few months and then who knows […]

Winter Wonder Land

This is me and my family.  I’ve been married to this man for 10+ years and we have four beautiful kids together.  When we first met, we were just friends for a while.  We both had liked each other, but because of the height difference at first, neither one of us did anything about it […]