Dreaming In Lace And Tulle

This beautiful dress was made by the one and only, Meadow Alexander.  This lady is so talented.  She gave it to me as a Christmas present a couple of years ago, and I cant help but stand and admire it every time I walk into my closet.  My only wish is that I had more places to wear it to more often!  I remember when I had heard that she had my family to gift to for Christmas, I dreamed of getting something made by her.  I didn’t tell her that, because to make something takes a lot of time, but when I opened it on Christmas morning, there it was!  It was like she had read my mind!  I was so excited.  I love lace and tulle, and she had made it to fit perfectly! It was right after I had just had my baby too, and sometimes it’s really nice to have a pick me up after a baby that makes you feel pretty.  I love the detail on this dress.  The crochet lace, the mermaid fit, the ruffle on the bottom and the tulle over it, it’s all gorgeous. So thank you Meadow!   Thanks for reading!PicsArt_11-04-08.24.19 (2)





PicsArt_11-04-08.14.54 (2)




PicsArt_11-04-08.26.16 (1)


PicsArt_11-04-08.20.41 (2)

PicsArt_11-04-08.32.10 (2)



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