Fall Jumpsuit

I LOVE jumpsuits!  Until recently, I could never find one that fit right with my long torso without ordering from somewhere in a tall, but I saw this online and loved it, so I thought, I’m just gonna take a chance and order it and see if it fits.  To my surprise… it did! I cant tell you how excited I was that I could wear it with out it riding up my rear end.  Paired it with a chunky necklace (also from HM), and that grey hat….. Can I tell you how much I love the color grey.  It goes with everything, and for some reason I am always drawn to it.  Plus, sometimes hats like this are so nice for days when you are on the run and you didn’t have time to wash your hair, but you still look put together.  It also kind of gives that mysterious, yet classy look I think.  As for the shoes, they are from Target!  I love the pointed toe.  They elongate the leg, and seem so elegant looking to me.  While I know I already have REALLY long legs, well heck, there’s nothing wrong with having legs for days…:).


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