Flower Power

There is something magical about being in a open field where you can run free with gorgeous views everywhere you turn.  It’s peaceful, quiet , and with just a slight breeze blowing through the open field it reminds me how amazing mother nature truly is!  Sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives that I don’t get out as much in these pretty places as I’d like to.  I’m Making it a goal this summer to remember to do just that because it is so good for my soul!

This top is one of my favorites because it’s flowy, floral print, and it’s got that bohemian vibe. I found it at TJ Max while searching for a baby present.  I don’t normally shop there because I just haven’t had the greatest luck there before in buying things for my tall frame, but I loved it when I saw it.  Scroll down to see the rest!  XO, Nichole

Photography by: Alexis Exstrom


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