Getting My Sexy Back

November 18, 2016

Getting in shape after a baby can be….torture, haha.  After my first two babies, I trained and ran a half marathon afterwards as my motivation to get back in shape.  It was amazing because I pushed body to go farther than I had ever pushed it before, and after crossing that finish line, I felt like such a bad ass.  Especially because both times I ran it, it was in the early spring, and as luck would have it, it snowed and rained during the race.  I can remember running in the freezing cold rain with the cold wind blowing against me, causing the rain to freeze to my clothes.  It felt like the longest freaking run of my life, but made crossing that finish line so much sweeter because I made it through that!  You can bet that as soon as I crossed that finish line, I kept running all the way to the car and raced home to a nice warm bath.  After my third baby however, I did not care to ever run again.  I stuck to Jillian Michael’s and her awesome butt kicking workouts.  I don’t go to the gym.  After having babies, working out in my own home is so much easier for me then driving somewhere and checking them into day care.   I know it works for some mom’s, but I also kind of hate working out in a busy gym with not everything I want to do available.     

During my pregnancies, for the first 6 months I am pretty good at keeping active and eating good, only sometimes occasionally giving in to my sweet tooth.  But as soon as I hit that third trimester and that baby starts to get really big, I loose all energy and any desire to be really active.  I also give into whatever craving I have more easily not really caring about the calories… ya, it sure is fun to eat while you’re pregnant!  

We live by some really beautiful mountains, and one of our favorite activities we like to do to stay active as a family is hiking with our kids. We go every Sunday while the weather is warm, and I was really excited because with my baby due this time in July, it meant I would still be able to still go after I had her, and being in the mountains makes me so happy!

These workout clothes are from Tall Girls, and they are my favorite.  SERIOUSLY.  These pants and tank top are soooo comfortable!  My daughter even kept coming up to me and rubbing my tummy saying how soft they were.  They are light weight, easy to move in, and not only are they my favorite go to for working out in, but my favorite for lounging around in.  They are also cute enough to go run errands in too when you have to leave the house but just don’t want to take them off (because I sure didn’t).  The pants are actually a little too long, but they have that cute zipper on the bottom that I undo so the pants can flare over my shoes.  They are perfect for working out in while I am trying to get my post baby body back!  Thanks for reading!  xo, Nichole

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