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Every month or so I am taking different women and featuring them on my blog.  So for this first one, let me tell you a little bit about this lovely lady!  This is Somre Weitzeil, my best friend and sister!  This girl has got curves to die for.  Growing up she has been an athlete in junior high and high school, and in college we were able to room together for awhile (we had the funnest times), and I always envied her God given gift of that hour glass figure.  We had the most fun dance parties living together!  She can shake it on the dance floor like no ones business, and she has a fun and kind personality that is contagious and fun to be around.  She loves to lift, and she is strong!  She always looks impeccably dressed and sophisticated, and she has a natural knack for finding deals and putting the right pieces of clothing together.   She is married now and has three beautiful daughters.  Here she is sporting a pretty paisley print dress from Asos. This dress is so flattering on her body type because it has an empire waist, which accentuates her small waist and voluminous bust line.  It is a fit and flare dress so it flows pretty and is very flattering on the rest of the body.  I love this dress on her!

When shopping for a new outfit, a few things I like to keep in mind are: The first things you want to think about when looking for a new outfit or a fitted dress, is your underwear!!  A fitted bra is KEY to helping anything you wear look good.  It is recommended that you go in every six months to get fitted, because even the slightest of pounds lost or gained can alter your bra size.  Make sure you have the right support and comfort!  The right bra can work wonders!  second, in the words of Stacy London, “Dont waste a waist!”.  Every body type can make use of a waist line.  Usually the bottom of the rib cage is the smallest part of your waist, and the easiest place to create curves or accentuate them.  You can do this by wearing belts, or different pieces of clothing that are more fitted in that area such as a wrap dress or shirt.  It can also help balance body proportion.  Third, don’t wear what doesn’t fit! Sometimes when trying to hide parts of the body you don’t really want to show off, buying something over sized can be tempting, but clothes should be tailored, and no matter the body type, there is always a way to create a silhouette that is flattering for you.  The same can go for something too tight.  The clothes shouldn’t be pulling anywhere.  And the last thing, wear what you feel good in!  The way a women looks when she feels confident in her clothing, can make a world of difference than when she is not.  Thanks for reading!SAM_1047














3 thoughts on “Pretty In Paisley

  1. So excited to see Som on the blog!! Very beautiful!! I loved your tips for finding the right outfit… I fail in almost all 3 areas😆. You should fly out to Sesttle and help me dress! I’m only half kidding by the way. How fun would it be for you to go through my wardrobe and tell me what to keep and what to chuck? Anyway, love you girls.

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