Sheek In Black And White

You may notice that while reading my blog, when reviewing different clothing, one of the first things you always read about, is how the length is.  I am obsessed with length.  Why?  Probably because while growing up there were times when I felt so out of the norm, and was not an average size,  that those people that designed ridiculous cute pants and jackets that only came in the average women’s sizes, left me trying to make it work anyways as capris.  Trying to get something to look right that is not long enough can sometimes be tricky. I’m sure that the petite girls can relate with just the opposite problem as well, but thank heavens that is changing and there are more options for us that stand out as different from the norm. This beautiful black jacket, leather look leggings and boots are from Tall Girls, and their length is incredible.  The leggings are a 36′ inseam, and the jacket has sleeves that go past my wrist (not showing here I rolled them up for this look).

The leggings are SOOO comfortable and nice and warm for the colder weather.  The leather look make’s it look dressy and sexy, and it’s easy to dress up or down.  I love this jacket so much.  I have been wanting a cute black jacket like this because I love having the option of dressing up a simple t shirt and jeans with it, or creating a more sheek look like I did here.  It really could go with anything.  The boots are a pretty pointed toe boot that I love because the pointed toe always looks so elegant to me.  This top I wore underneath is from MARGE.  It’s one of my favorites because it fits and flatters so pretty on so many body types.  I also love how it has that business in the front, and party in the back look.

I have some other fun looks to show you this next week from Tall Girls, so stay tuned!  Thanks for reading!





Jacket:  Tall Girls


Leather Look Leggings:  Tall Girls

Boots:  Tall Girls

Choker:  Lulu’s

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