Smile Brilliant!

Today, I am going to talk to you guys about one of the most important things you could ever wear… and that is your smile!  Smiling can make the world a better place!  It is contagious, can elevate your mood, make you look prettier, reduce blood pressure, is easier to do than frown, and it is a universal sign for happiness!   In my opinion, nothing is prettier than a happy and confident person, and who doesn’t want to be confident and be able to smile fearlessly??

Teeth whitening…..I’ll be honest, at first I was skeptical because I have always hated teeth whitening.  My teeth have always been super sensitive, and I can remember the very first time I tried teeth whitening, my teeth and gums felt like they were on fire and I had to immediately rinse my mouth out.  I had braces on as a teenager, and after I got them off, I was also always worried about teeth whitening damaging the enamel, so I just stuck to sensitive tooth paste that also whitened.  Well luckily for me, after Abby from Smile Brilliant contacted me and asked me to review their product, I decided to jump at the chance and try it, and it’s amazing!

If you have sensitive teeth like me, they have desensitizing gel that you can put on after the teeth whitening gel to help with the sensitivity.  I thought this was so rad because I hadn’t seen that before.  It’s what I used and it helped a lot.  I used it for the first five times, and then after the sixth, I felt like I didn’t need it anymore because my teeth had gotten use to it, which was awesome.  This teeth whitening kit is the exact same thing you would get from a dentist’s office, but cheaper.  Once you receive your kit, there are basically three easy steps.  Step 1, is to make your dental impressions with the putty and plastic trays provided.  Step 2, is to mail your trays back to the lab so they can make your impressions, then step 3, is to start whitening!  It’s so simple and works great.  You’ll find yourself smiling bigger and bigger and loving those pearly whites you see in the mirror.

This is the kit you will receive in the mail with all the supplies you will need.

Making my impressions was a piece of cake!  Took just a few minutes.

After sending them back in the mail, I received my impressions ready to use! These custom teeth whitening trays will make sure that all your teeth will whiten, and not just the front so that you don’t ever have to worry about the back ones showing.  The benefits are awesome!

My before and after!  Before is on the bottom, after is on the top.

This cute little girl gives me lots of reasons to smile big!

If you have any more questions about what else you need to know before you buy, you can check it out here, along with some other testimonials here from customers who have tried them.

Enter here  to win your very own teeth whitening kit!  Must enter before March 31st!  Good luck!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you check them out!
At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

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  1. I have heard of Smile Brilliant! Seeing your before and after really makes me want to try it

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