The Express Maxi

I first saw this dress on Karlie Kloss, (I kind of LOVE her because she is 6’1 and gorgeous) and when I saw this dress on her in the Express ad, I was like, YES! It will totally be long enough because it fits her and she is 6’1…HA!  I wish that was the case every time I saw something I liked on a model, but it’s not.  In this case though, the dress was long enough!  So for those of you who don’t need longer lengths, you’ll get that extra length for a pretty heel:).  I love maxis because they are something that you can wear all year long!  You can wear it to the beach, on a date, in the winter with some boots and a coat, dress it up to look more formal, or wear it during the day for a casual look.  They are so versatile!  I especially love the kimono sleeve and slit on this dress because it is figure flattering on every body type.  Thanks for reading!SAM_0548






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