Vintage Jeans

When I saw these jeans I fell in love with them.  They have a vintage/retro feel to them and I find myself attracted to different styles when I am feeling a certain way.  I guess you could say that lately I have been feeling the vintage vibe.  I dressed these jeans three different ways.  The first look is my typical, everyday, on the run mom look.  I’ve got my hat (most likely because I did not have time to wash my hair), my long comfy cardigan to stay warm, my sneakers, and my big bag to carry around everything I need with my kids which can include diapers, wipes, shoes, extra pair of pants, lip gloss, toys, snacks, etc, etc, you name it.   My world in a bag.

For my second look, its a little bit more dressed up for a fun outing somewhere like a lunch or coffee date.  I’ve got my smaller bag (because I don’t have all my kids with me), and my cute ankle boots which I love paired with the cute cut off hem.  These jeans come in a tall by the way (yay!), so yes, that is where the correct length is supposed to go.

My third look is a dressier look where I paired it with a black blazer, button down shirt, and some heels.  You have probably seen these shoes a couple times already on my blog because I love them.  They are smokin hot, and I wear the heck out of them when dressing up because they are perfect to go with any dressy look.   My favorite thing about these jeans, is that they have the blue stripe going down the side changing it up a bit from your ordinary jean look.  They are perfect for spring and you just might see these on repeat through out the season.

Big thanks to my friend Abby from The Classy Giraffe for taking my pictures.


Shop This Look:

Jeans: American Eagle

Cardigan: Tall Girls

Cold shoulder t-shirt: Sold out, but similar here

Open black blazer: Tall Girls

Shoes: Tall Girls


10 thoughts on “Vintage Jeans

  1. I love the frayed hem look. I have been trying so hard to find a new pair of jeans that are perfectly distressed and FIT post baby. Wish me luck. You’re vintage inspired ones give me hope!

    1. I hear you Jill! Finding things that fit post baby is not so fun…One thing I do when trying to find clothes that fit is to always look at the reviews. Check to see if the sizing is correct, that way you will know whether or not to order up or down, or if the sizing is correct. Good luck girl!

  2. I am in LOVE with those jeans!! So gorgeous. And they are so versatile, which I wouldn’t have expected. I so need to get better at understanding fashion, as I never would have been able to come up with these.

    And where on earth did you shoot these photos?? I love the backgrounds!

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