Wildest dreams

Meet Hanna.  As you might be able to tell, these last couple girls I have featured on my blog are my sisters.  Haha, do you see a resemblance?  This girl just recently moved back home from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I am so glad she is back!  She is kind, has a big heart, and has the ability to love easily. She has a soft spot for children, and this girl loves to be out and about living life and having fun! A free spirit!  She had a rough start coming into this world, but growing up I can always remember how hard she worked at the things she put her mind to!  She was a great student, an athlete that loved to play volley ball, and one who is not afraid to put herself out there.  Her style is a little bit edgy, sexy, and bright!  Here she is wearing a sleeveless dress with a snake skin print on top, and a pretty yellow chiffon pleated bottom that is from Dance and Marvel.  The top accentuates her cute little figure and the color of the print looks awesome with her hair color, and gives it that edgy feel.  The pop of yellow is fun and I love the chiffon on the bottom.  It’s light, hangs pretty, and sways as you walk.  A great dress for a stroll in the park or out on the town.   Thanks for reading!SAM_1206








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