Winter Wonder Land

This is me and my family.  I’ve been married to this man for 10+ years and we have four beautiful kids together.  When we first met, we were just friends for a while.  We both had liked each other, but because of the height difference at first, neither one of us did anything about it because we weren’t sure if the other minded.  And then one day, he saw me walking out on a date with a guy who was shorter than I (we lived in the same apartment complex), and he decided to make his move.  Ha, ha I liked him so much the height thing with him was never an issue.  It takes a confident guy to go after a women taller than him, and the fact that he was so dashingly handsome and strong, did it for me.  It all became history from there!  Love him more and more as time goes on.

For our pictures this year, all I knew I wanted was snow in the background, and the colors red, grey, and black.  I kind of coordinated all our outfits around my husbands grey suit because I wanted more of a formal look.  I found this red lace dress and necklace from Alloy, and loved it because I love lace and the color red was perfect for what I had in mind.  For my little girl, I found her whole outfit from H&M, as well and my youngest boy’s sweater.  For my two older boys, their outfits are from Target. My talented sister-in-law Leilani took our pictures, and I was so happy with them!  She takes them every year for us and she does such a great job every time!  Thanks for reading!  DSC_0073




DSC_0023eHa ha this photo cracks me up.   We have Mikey G on the left rolling his eyes because he does not want to be told to smile, Ander my youngest just rolling with it, Adelle is jumping for joy, and cute Thor on the right is just happy walking along.DSC_0144











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